usually start as an answer to a question. In 2009, we asked:  What would happen if women left their generational and denominational differences at the door, stood on their common ground as women who loved Jesus? We could harness that unity and take God's love from the pews to the pavement and change our world. It was that simple. No longer an idea, it's happening.  Join women from over 40 Detroit metro area churches as we gather four times a year at Connection Church in Canton, Michigan.  You'll find a worship team comprised of different churches, a speaker with an inspiring message that points to Christ, and an outreach focus spotlight as you can help us take God's love from the pews to the pavement.   We also have giveaways and a fantastic after party complete with coffee/cocoa bar, appetizers, photo booth, etc.   

Our Mission:  

Showing the world what God can do when women of faith gather on common ground. 

Then we’ll be a choir - not our voices only, but our very lives singing in harmony in a stunning anthem to the God and Father of our Master Jesus.
— Romans 5:5-6 (MSG)

What We've Achieved

  • Collected items for warming centers, domestic abuse shelters, in-house recovery programs. 
  • Collected items for women coming out of sex trafficking and strip clubs.
  • Collecting items for pregnancy resource center, and filled backpacks for under resourced children. 
  • Collected items for local food outreaches.
  • Collected items for single teen mothers and mothers who choose adoption. 
  • Collected items for blind children, seeing eye dogs, children whose parents are struggling with cancer. 
  • Collected items for Homeless Vets, girls in foster care, women suffering with cancer, gift boxes for our military.
  • And so much more... over 30 events and growing.